Promotional Cowbells - Plain & Custom Imprinted Bells
Promo Bells
Beefy Brutus Bells
Bargain Bells
The Bell Lady is happy to help you determine the right cowbell for your promotion, event, or program. She knows her bells and can suggest an appropriate size and style for your budget.

Promo Bells are painted or powder-coated bells that can be imprinted with a logo. They make great promotional gifts at special events where a sponsor or promoter wants to make some noise. They are also popular with schools to add team spirit or as fund raisers, or as wedding favors (ring for a kiss).

For a coordinated event to remember, use Custom Engraved MOEN Bells as event trophies or awards and promo bells for the fans.

Minimum orders for imprinting bells is 50 bells. But sometimes (like for multi-color logos) stickers are better for orders under 100 bells. For imprinted orders, or orders over 500 plain bells, call the Bell Lady at (415) 924-8663 for a quote. If you just want a bunch of different bells, check out our Internet Special Sample Kit for $19, plus shipping.

Delivery generally takes 3-4 weeks for custom imprinted bells. Rush options are available too. Plain bells ordered over the Internet, ship within two business days. It takes five business days to reach to the East Coast with Fed Ex Ground service.

Measurements are from the bottom of the bell to the top of the metal handle.

Promo Bells
Here are the 1" high bell w/key chain. 3-1/2" high Cow Bell (black Canadian Death Race Bell),
the 2-5/8" high bell (Salt Lake 2002) and 2-3/8" high bell (Your logo here).

Soft webbing wrist straps are looped or riveted. Bell measurements are from
the bottom of the bell to the top of the handle.

Minimum order on imprinting: 50 bells, significant price break at 500 bells.

Call for a quote, (415) 924-8663.

Promo Bell - 3-1/2" high Powder Coated Cowbells with FREE Soft Webbing Wrist Straps

The 3-1/2" Promo bell has a sharp loud sound good for outdoor events. We have WHITE bells in stock and ready to go! Seventeen other colors are also available, just give us a RING at 415.924.8663. A FREE soft herringbone weave webbing wrist strap is looped on each bell.
One Bell with strap ($4.95 each)
10 Bells/straps for $47.50 ($4.75 each)
50 Bells/straps for $225 ($4.50 each!)
FREE Straps!

Stickers work great on these too! For the "Yellow 7" cheering bells we sold to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, we had die cut vinyl stickers made at Kinkos! It was quick and easy and is perfect for smaller quantities! Kinkos does best with a two color sticker. If you want lots of colors or BIG quantities of stickers, give us a ring! We work with a SUPER DUPER sticker business that has wonderful quality and value pricing. We'll need an eps file of your logo emailed to us at

Beefy Brutus Bells - 7" high Powder Coated Handle Cheering Cow Bells
Beefy Brutus Bells are for the serious cheering fan! They measure 7" in total height. The bell body is 3-3/8" high, 3-1/2" wide at the bottom and 2-1/4" across the top.
$15.95 each
Go to the Hear the Bells page to hear them ring!
Bargain Bells - 3" high Cowbells
You can have your Bargain Bells imprinted too! WHITE Bargain Bells make GREAT wedding favors!
See the wedding bell page for more info (on bottom of Home page).
White and LOTS of colors now available!
Bargain Bells - Painted
White Bargain Bells Box of 50 for $95
Royal Blue Bargain Bells (not shown) Box of 50 for $95
Red Bargain Bells Box of 50 for $95
Green Bargain Bells Box of 50 for $95
Yellow Bargain Bells (not shown) Box of 50 for $95
Brown Bargain Bells (not shown) Box of 50 for $95
Black Bargain Bells Box of 50 for $95
Purple Bargain Bells (not shown) Box of 50 for $95
Orange Bargain Bells
Bargain Bells have a good sound and come 50 to a box, 200 in a case. Have us imprint them or use your own stickers. You can even add a ribbon for a festive cheering bell at parties and events.

You can buy yardage or sewn loops from and put ribbon on yourself. We have in-stock designs and offer custom designs starting at 2000 yards. Black herring bone and stars/stripes webbing wrist loops are in stock.

You can have your Bargain Bells imprinted too! Just give us a ring at 415.924.8663. • We accept credit cards through PayPal, by phone, or fax/mail order form.