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10th Anniversary Contest
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Some of our great entries for the
10th Anniversary Contest!

Kayaking in Wisconsin

On a quiet little lake in Wisconsin there are 8 crazy women that live for one thing. KAYAKING.  The problem we have is that when we would paddle to one another's piers we would have to call each other out...much to the annoyance of everyone's neighbors!  (Who wants to hear a bunch of women yelling?)  This Christmas I was searching for a gift for my kayaking friends. I thought some sort of "dockbell" would be appropriate to stop the yelling.  I searched high and low before I happened upon  It was PERFECT!  We would now all have our own unique sound and when we hear it ringing across the lake we will know we are being summoned to come out and paddle (play) together.  We have adopted a new name for our group (some do not appreciate this).  We are C.O.W.  "Chicks on Water" and we all are loving our C.O.W.-bells.  We had a ball ringing in the new year with these.  I am sure we will now become lake legends.  On a quiet night on Blue Lake you will hear just the loons haunting calls... and the C.O.W.-bells!   

- Teresa Colianni

Big Heffer, Little Heffer

My kids have a nickname for my sister-in-law. Their Auntie Norma really likes cows. So my kids started to call her, "Heffer" as a term of enderment. My little sister, also has the same love for cows. My sister-in-law and my sister are good friends also, so we started calling my sister Sophia, "Little Heffer." So then my sister-in-law became known as " Big Heffer."

When my sister-in-law, "Big Heffer," Norma told us she and her fiance Sal were going to get married on January 7, 2006, we thought it would be great to have personalized cowbells as the wedding favor. We order the bells and embelished them with some ribbons and a poem. Needless to say the Cowbells were a great idea and everyone thought they were beautiful. Thanks, for the great product and for being able to fill my order in the short time you did!

- Adrienne Ruvalcaba

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