Introducing the 2005
10th Anniversary Contest Winner!

Congratulations to the Fanaztecs of Mendota, CA for being's 10th Anniversary Contest Winner of 2005! We're very excited to feature them on, and glad to see them using our cowbells to promote their local high school. Read below to hear their story!

The Origin of the Fanaztecs

Mr. Dustin, a 5th grade teacher in Mendota, California, is what one might call a football "fanatic". It's not enough for his man to attend local high school football games and enjoy the purity of the sport while sitting in the stands. No, no, no...that would just not being him any satisfaction. Indeed, Mr. Dustin requires passion, intensity and downright lunacy during football games!

The Mendota High School football team has been down in the dumps for the past few years. Recognizing a need, Mr. Dustin took it upon himself to attend games and act as crazy and loud as possible. One night during a football game, as Mr. Dustin was demonstrating his lunacy by blowing an annoylingly loud horn and ringing cowbells in a fury, he noticed a little boy come alongside him and ask if he too could ring a cowbell. Mr. Dustin agreed, and before long he noticed other children gathering around yearning to participate. The craziness seemed to be contagious!

Later that night, Mr. Dustin was shoveling down a hot dog and the athletic director for Mendota High School suggested, "You should try to get a group of elementary kids to attend games - tell them they'll get in free if they accompany you."

With that suggestion sprang the idea for an elementary club called the "Fanaztecs". Currently the group is more than 40 strong. The students who participate have made custom T-shirts, sweaters and even wooden tomahawks. Now, thanks to, the students have really taken their fan gear up to a new level!

The result has been marvelous. Kids are enthusiastic about attending games and suporting local athletics. The high school football team is off to its best start in five years. And never in the history of the Mendota Aztecs has the cheering been so loud and proud! Thank you!

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