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10th Anniversary Contest
Three ringing bell cheers!

Announcing our first contest winner! Click Here!

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To share and celebrate our 10 years of ringing up FUN for a whole herd of people and a few cows, here’s a contest with LOTS of winners! Just  submit a story (a paragraph will do) and/or photo with the entry form.

Our theme is Happy People Having FUN. We may even use your entry on the web site! You’ll be FAMOUS!

The better the entry, the better the prize... need a hint? Here are
some ideas:
• Unique uses for bells
• Children pictured with bells
• Goofy gift bell idea
• Family cowbell tradition
• Sports team story
• Saturday Night Live cowbell skit connection
• Olympic story
• Children's drawing with story
• List of songs with cowbells
• “Where in the world” picture and story
(you and your bell in a cool place)

Need more FUN? You need more COWBELL. Enter the contest, be a WINNER!
Ring my bell!
Elisabeth Halvorson
aka the bell lady