About the Ribbons shown above:
These are ribbons available for custom bell orders and some are for sale by the loop or in yardage. We also design and weave custom webbing and ribbon for bells, lanyards and/or other items. 


70 Flag ribbon: 
Eight thread colors and two rows of International Flags to symbolize global unity and peace make this our top-of-the-line ribbon. It is sewn on to a soft herringbone weave webbing. The ribbon upgrade price is $3.00 per bell. All the other ribbon are available at no extra charge.

Indian Blanket Patterns:
One of our standard ribbons which is included in the bell price, it is a reversible woven webbing in three color combinations. If a ribbon design is not specified with your order, this is it! It's an award winner!

Stars and Stripes Webbing
A popular standard ribbon which is also used on the bells for the US Ski Team and US Olympic Team Cheering Bells. The Stars/stripes webbing option is included with custom engraved MOEN Bell orders. Yardage is available at $2.25 per yard with a 10 yard minimum.

Bunad Ribbon, (limited quantity available):
A traditional Norwegian woven ribbon. An old design that is often used on Norwegian national costumes called "bunads". It's an excellent ribbon for holiday bells.

27 Flag Ribbon:
Symbolizing world unity and peace, this ribbon includes the following flags:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Czek Republic
Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland
Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand,
Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United States

Nordic Woven Ribbon, also called Trophy Ribbon
Blue, Red, White (used for trophy bells 1st, 2nd, 3rd place respectively)

Blue Stripe Ribbon
This happy bright blue ribbon is also woven in Norway. It was used on the Torino Olympic Winter Games Cheering Bells.

We work weavers in Norway, Asia and the USA. We would be happy to quote on design and delivery for your webbing or ribbon needs at a minimum quantity of 2000 yards.

Custom designed woven webbing is available at no extra charge on orders over 2000 bells, or a combination of bells and lanyards. Call the bell lady for a quote 415-924-8663.

Most of the patterns are designed by the bell lady and are copyrighted.
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